The Top 10 Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology is the investigation / research on living creatures known to science yet. Some of them are creatures that have become legends disuatu areas, or "monsters" often mysterious man reportedly seen by the fact of existence but still a big question mark.

Here is a list of 10 most Cryptozoology creatures caught my attention. Cryptozoology creatures chronological list below is based on my own subjective opinion. So when my friends have a list of 10 "monster" which is different from my normal existence.

10. Mongolian Death Worm

olgoi_horkhoiI put ten Diposisi Mongolian Death Worm. Gobi desert monster that has too long been the prey of this Cryptozoologyst earthworms may be similar but with the shape and size of unusual body. According to several people who had seen him directly, he has a body length of about 1 - 1.5 meters with a physical form resembling human large intestine and blood red.

As the name implies, Mongolian Death Worm is said to be the deadly specimens. He can give off toxins and is said to have electric shock that can easily knock down prey or anyone who tried to disturb him. Recorded several expeditions have been done to find the existence of the monster known as asalanya place allghoi khorkhoi this, but all is still far from expectations not being captured seekorpun (let alone arrested, they appear / appeared to the researchers did not).

9. Short People

Short People I enter into the Top 10 things not because they Cryptozoology reportedly blamed a quiet area of Indonesia Kerinci Seblat National Park, but rather the assumption that some Cryptozoologyst said he was part of the "missing link" in our modern humans. Many are speculating that the person is short of the ancient human species Homo floresiensis, a new species of the genus Homo is often called the "Hobbit" and the skeletons discovered in 2003 and the region of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, which still survive today.

They (The Short) reportedly been seen by some local residents. However, they are a closed community of the outside world and never interact with humans. According to reports from some tribes Child Within, Short People are often seen carrying the possibility of such a spear used for hunting.

8. Mothman


What is your mind some United States citizens if we ask about the mysterious creature dubbed Mothman? Mengimajinasikannya as they would build such a creature with a human, was a dark, round eyes and a bright red and has wings like the wings of bats. Mothman, a mysterious creature who has legendary diseantero United States was first reported seen in West Virginia, November 15, 1966. When the two married couples, David and Linda Scarberry and Steve and Mary Mallette, were driving through the former TNT plant during World War II was interested in a pair of round red light was looking towards their vehicle.

After stopping the car, they then tried to get closer kesumber light comes. But immediately they startled, a pair of red dots turned out to be the eyes of a human-boned creature, with dark wings like bats. Without thinking again of course, they rushed to take a thousand steps to immediately leave the premises. Until now, the mothman is still often reveal itself. Some theories say, probably has mothman closely related to practice black magic, some speculate that he is a species of unknown animal science / have not been identified. But many were skeptical and consider as lies.

7. Thunderbird

Name the coolest thing I think to Cryptozoology. The creature is described as a flying creature with a large body size. The first report on the Thunderbird comes from the story of two people who claim the Cowboys have killed a giant bird in the region of Arizona, April 1890. According to them, the form is very strange creature that had no shape like a bird in general. He was too big to be called a bird, its wings like bat wings is said to resemble the face of a crocodile.

Cryptozoologyst United States, Ken Gerhard has a theory that Thunderbird is an ancestor of vulture species which are estimated to live 6000 years ago and still exist today. Many also assume that the Thunderbird is a manifestation of pterosaurs / Pterodactyls, a giant flying reptile that existed in the late Triassic period through the Cretaceous period (220 - 65.5 million years ago). But the assumption that Thunderbird is a very doubtful pterosaurs because he reportedly appeared to have a lot of hair covering her body. This course is very different from the pterosaurs whose skin is formed from smooth membranes completely hairless like a bird.

6. Kraken

Kraken is a giant sea monster that was legendary. Earlier period, he was so feared by ocean explorers for many folk tales that developed at that time mentioned that the Kraken is a sea monster that could easily destroy their ships. So no wonder, which was reported as being the seabed inhabitants of Norway and Iceland waters are often portrayed in ancient maps as the embodiment of a deadly sea monster, and wherever possible avoided when sailing.

Kraken legend may come from the representation of a giant squid that has body length reaches 13-15 meters including the tentacles, tentacles. And it is said in ancient times a giant animals like this are often reported to attack ships at sea.

5. Mokele-mbembe

Remote hinterland of Africa, there was a huge creature that has for so long been a legend of local community. He inhabits a place that became one of the pulse of life for some residents of Africa, Congo River. Yes, disungai Africa's second longest after the Nile is a creature called Mokele-mbembe often rumored to be seen. Mokele-mbembe word comes from the Lingala language meaning something that stops the flow of rivers. According to the story from generation to generation native of the valley of the river Congo, Mokele-mbembe was the personification of the dreaded monster of the river because he was very large and dangerous.

The creature is said to be larger than adult african elephant, has four legs and long neck with small head size. Physical form of the picture reminds us of the kinds of dinosaurs like Brontosaurus Sauropoda, Argentinosaurus, etc.. But that certainly, the physical form of representation will vary greatly. According to Roy Mackal-Cryptozoologyst which had twice led the search expedition in the Mokele-mbembe-Congo river, the possibility of a creature called the Mokele-often is a kind of reptile mbembe, a herbivore with an estimated total body length to reach 9 feet. National Geographic himself had held a short expedition in May 2006 for his television series Dangerous Encounters. But unfortunately creature named Mokele-mbembe seemed too shy to enshrined into the camera, so the expedition ended with none of the mysterious creature found.

4. Champ


From the interior of Africa, I invite my friends across the Atlantic to come back to North America. Our goal this time is diperbatasan lake kesebuah United States - Canada which also has a story to the legendary lake monster, Lake Champlain name. At 201 km long lake is said to dwell a lake monster which is often referred to as the Champ. Ditahun 1977, a tourist named Sandra Mansi was suddenly famous for its success capturing the legendary monster figures that have been reported to exist since the 19th century was. From the results of analysis carried out by several experts photographic images that have been taken Sandra, revealed that the image is not engineering. Images that really capture the giant creature that is appear on the surface of the lake.

Some people believe that Champ is probably the figure of a Plesiosaur early, although there are some opinions that say he is a kind of mammal, may be the ancestors of Beluga whales. Lake Champlain is formed at the end of the ice age 10,000 years ago was always meyimpan secret meetings Champ from time to time. Recorded more than 300 reports of sightings Champ, but it is actually the identity of the monster figure is still a big question mark.

3. Bigfoot / Sasquatch

Bigfoot is described as being bipedal (walking on two legs), a big tall (height is estimated to 1.5 - 3 meters) with the hair that grows thick disekujur body. He said almost resembles a gorilla but walked upright like modern humans. The creature that reportedly inhabit the forests of the Pacific Northwest region, North America is so famous, not only the United States in the region but throughout the world. Even in some other areas, there are legends about creatures like Bigfoot. Name the Yeti in Tibet, Hibagon in Japan, until the Yowie in Australia.

A controversial video that had captured the figure of Bigfoot is clearly coming from the two hunters Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin a colleague in 1967. Patterson and Gimlin record these strange creatures Bluff Creek region, Northern California when they hunt. Although many doubt its authenticity, but the video is what makes many people more interested in the figure of Bigfoot.


So far there are several explanations offered to reveal the identity of the creature is often called Bigfoot. Some researchers say that Bigfoot was born most likely as a result of the identification of a specimen. Maybe they were just a bear who was lifted up its front legs so he looked like he was standing. Grover Krantz, Bigfoot researcher one who was so enthusiastic, boldly speculating that Bigfoot is Gigantopithecus blacki species-a species of large apes from Genus Gigantopithecus (Subfamily Ponginae) - which survived the extinction 300,000 years ago. But according to a leading Cryptozoologyst, Loren Coleman, nearly 80% of Bigfoot sightings have been reported to the engineering. That's evident from the many sightings and photographs footprints purely artificial / engineered by some people with a specific purpose.

2. Chupacabra

My second Diposition put a chupacabra. Mysterious creature that comes from two words in Spanish that "Chupar" which means suction / sucking and "Cabra" which means goat is a manifestation of a creature that was so scary. In addition to its physical form is described like a wolf with a kind of "thorn" that grows in line alongside his spine, chupacabra is a blood sucking creature, especially the blood of farm animals like goats. He frequently reported killed several farm animals at night, and then suck their blood without eating meat at all its victims.

Chupacabra so famous in the region of North and Central America, and several Latin American region. In 1995, a chupacabra is said to have killed eight ewes overnight in an area in Puerto Rico. This is a preliminary report on a successful chupacabra attacks documented.


Most people describe the chupacabra as higher beings with between 1 - 1.2 meters, not mammals but reptiles similar in style to stand and jump like a kangaroo. Many say the assumption that he was probably a kind of wild dogs. Opinions are brave enough to say that the chupacabra is a creature of genetic engineering from a U.S. research institute who escaped from quarantine laboratory Yungue El diskitar region, Puerto Rico ravaged by hurricane hack ditahun 1990'an. In addition, there are unisex which chupacabra mengkait associated with the existence of intelligent creatures of outer space and the UFO phenomenon.

1. Loch Ness Monster


rrive at the monster that tops the list of list of 10 things I Cryptozoology version. Loch Ness Monster or Nessie is familiarly called. I first learned about this monster of Doraemon comics I read as a child. Starting from where I got interested in the world because Cryptozoolgy indirectly Nessie has introduced me to this branch of science. So this is a manifestation of my gratitude to Nessie, namely by putting in the first rank.

Nessie, the monster of the lake dwellers Loch Ness, Scotland is so legendary diseantero world. Even its existence has been reported since the 7th century. Dozens of expeditions have been conducted, and had directed hundreds of sonar kedanau Loch Ness to detect the existence of Nessie, but everything seemed in vain. Nessie too shy. He might just dare to show himself while certain times only.

Some reports and evidence in the form of images collected from several witnesses shows that the lake monster Loch Ness spirits have characteristics that differ markedly from Mokele-mbembe. He also was a big, long-necked with a small head size. But unlike the Mokele-mbembe Sauropoda described as a dinosaur, Nessie is more often incorporated into the Plesiosaur family.

one of the successful image capture controversial figure is the image that Nessie is often referred to as the Surgeon's Photograph. In this photo taken in 1934 is seen silhouette of a long-necked creature walking along the lake Loch Ness at a time when the early evening. But in the sequel, these photos proved to be engineered.

In the year 2007 and, again controversial video circulating on the figure of Nessie taken by a tourist named Gordon Holmes. In the video clearly visible image of a creature that is estimated to have a body length of about 14 meters were swimming along the lake with a quick motion. Silhouette can be clearly seen from the surface of the lake. Could it Nessie? friends please watch his video and his own analysis.

Several explanations are offered the possibility of the phenomenon say that Nessie is a mistake identification of an organism or a common natural phenomenon. In 1979, biologist Dennis Power said that the figure seen in the Surgeon's Photograph is an elephant who was swimming, where the head and his body sank into the water and it can only be seen towering trunk upwards. Elephant's trunk which rises above that gave the impression as if the shape of the neck and the head watchman lake creature known as Nessie.

Another theory says the figure is called Nessie is just a big wooden bar at the bottom of the lake expands. This timber may be initially based on the lake sank, but any time he can come back protruding surface water. This impression as if to show the emergence of a monster from the bottom of the lake.

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Boyzone’s Stephen Gately dies

Stephen Gately

Boyzone star Stephen Gately has been found dead at the age of 33. The singer fell asleep after a night out while on holiday in Majorca yesterday and never woke up.

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh told the News of the World: ‘We’re all absolutely devastated. I’m in complete shock. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We don’t know much about what’s happened yet.

All four remaining members of Boyzone – Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Shane Lynch and Mikey Graham – will be flying to Palma, Majorca tomorrow.

Shane Lynch told the News of the World: ‘Me and the boys are flying out in the morning. We just need to get over to where he’s passed and work out what we need to do.’ Ronan Keating, who is in Chicago, is said to be completely devastated. Gately came out as gay ten years ago – causing a sensation in the pop music world.


He wed Andrew Cowles, first in a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas in 2003 and more formally in a civil partnership ceremony in London in March 2006.

Gately enjoyed success as a solo artist. He was also a star of theatre, TV and radio, appearing in the West End as Joseph in and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and in the ITV show Dancing on Ice.

Boyzone had 17 top five singles and four number one albums before splitting in 2000. They made a comeback tour in 2007, inspired by the success of Take That. A spokesman for Boyzone confirmed the death but details are yet to emerge.

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a wife holding her husband to teach

In Nancao village, Henan Province, China, there was a teacher named Du Chanyun. 17 years ago, since then to improve the school fell lame, but the spirit did not fade teaching. Over 17 years, his wife with a solid body of her husband carry out teaching, day after day from home to school walking up the mountain along the 3 miles.

According to reports from the Dahe site, Du Chanyun teaching in the village Liushan city Dakou, his place in the interior mountains Tuniu, he became the foundation for the families of 500 villages spread over Dakou.

1981 Du Chanyun graduated from high school at the age of 19 years, he then became a teacher in the village Dakou. Ten years after that, every month he only got a salary of teachers for RB. 6.5 (Approximately USD. 7000, -).

Disaster came in 1990. Summer of that year, soaking rainstorm school classrooms. As the summer holidays, the people in the village to collect money to improve schools, Du Chanyun so eager to work, the rain was still working to move the stone, the whole body soaked. Finally, one day, he fell ill, sick and tired because of rain.

After recovering he got, that he was not able to stand again, his left hand could not move. He worried, teaching will become a distant dream.

His wife Li Zhengjie see what his heart, then menentramkannya, "You do not worry, you can not walk, until the stage was I'll carry you." The wife of a resident in the village of illiteracy, final responsibility of holding her husband to become a teacher, from home to school, every day 6 miles.

Using her husband's support

From 1 September 1990, every morning she woke Li Zhengjie rice, 4 members of his family wake, after carrying her husband left to eat.

Along the way, grabbing, crawling and downs until we arrived at the school, after his wife placed her husband, then menitip message to a few students rather large, then hurry home, at home there are 2 hectares of rice fields waiting to be tilled.

Since taking responsibility mengendong her husband, two things he feared most was the summer and winter.

Du Chanyun home at South West schools, although the distance from home to school is only 3 miles, but there is no other way, apart from the street rat, with rocks strewn, tree branches, a small river.

On a summer's day, just heavy rain, Li Zhengjie as usual carried the day her husband left. River water is abundant close injakkan stone legs. Li Zhengjie been carefully groping stepping stones, but not unexpectedly slipping. The swift river currents sweep them up to 10 meters more, fortunately held up by the branches of trees across the river upstream. After approximately half an hour, his father who was worried finally came, they were withdrawn, the child and the new law was saved, escaped from the threat of death.

In recent years, Li continued to hold Zhengjie her husband, who knows how many times of trial and error. In the beginning, her husband sometimes fall below, sometimes Li Zhengjie fall below. Finally, Li Zhengjie arising reasonable, as long as he's trying to go first to fall under the falls, using his powerful arms holding a wedge of stone.

"Although you will not get up again, I will carry you to the old," his wife said.

Li Zhengjie toil day and night, and tired, he saw clearly, his heart felt pity.

In 1993, he began planning for her to leave him, so no longer see him suffer. To achieve this goal, he changed his character, deliberately mess for a fight, he began cursing him. Li Zhengjie who do not understand feel depressed, after a big storm 2 times, they really want a divorce.

On the day of the divorce, her husband holding Zhengjie Li bike, be careful to encourage her husband to the local headman. Workers are very familiar with a couple who are familiar, so seeing two people look more cheerful, "I never saw a woman carrying her husband to the village elder asked for a divorce, you go home," shouted the officers ravine.

Not even skipping teaching

The condition is very bad at school, but the two pairs of husband and wife can give a good education for the children, the condition is less good teachers, not teachers take the children sightseeing, sports. There are no musical instruments, Du Guangyun using leaves to make music for anak2, no clinic, Li Zhengjie up the mountain herbs memcari drug, in the summer of refrigerant he cooks for the kids, cook winter anti-flu drugs for children child.

Under the help of his wife, in 17 years, day after day, not blocked by the wind the rain, do not skip any one time.

The data collected from school principals about the test results state: in April, the level of students who graduated from elementary school they will reach 100%. Last year when college entrance exams, there are 4 students who had once taught him go to college, this year there are 4 more ynag graduating into a specialist.

Now, every Lunar New Year holidays, the students returned to their homes deliberately menjengut father and teacher mother, the issue became a very exciting event for a couple teachers.
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Places that should not be visited by Google Earth

There are several places in this world is not allowed untusk viewed through Google Earth or Google Maps. This is related to a variety of reasons, be it for security reasons, privacy or political. Here are 15 places that can not be viewed using the Google facility.

White House: Digital images of the White House have been removed, this is done to hide the air-security facility and other security assets used to secure a place ini.Soesterberg Air Base, the Netherlands: This is the basis of the Dutch air force, which has also been used as fighter base F-15 U.S. Air Force during the Cold War.

Read more ...

Reims Air Base in France: It's the only building in the area of Reims Air Base is obscured.

Nato C3 Agency: Located in Brussels, Belgium. C3 Agency supports NATO in matters of scientific and related to C4ISR (Consultation, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance).

Huis Ten Bosch Palace: This place is one of the four main dwelling Dutch royal family, which is located in the
Hague, Netherlands. Queen Beatrix lived in this place since 1981.

Places With Certain Political Reason:

Iran: In 2007, an Iranian businessman tried to download Google Earth, but he got the message: "Thank you for your attention, but the product you're trying to download is not available for your country".

Southeastern region of Asia: The region is obscured by the Google Earth because it is a sensitive area with regard to the political problems of countries such as Tibet or Xinjiang province, northern Pakistan and the region of the kingdom.

The Middle / Eastern village of Yona, on Guam Pacific Islands Region: No known reason why this area of the sensor.

The Boring Home: Aaron and Christine Boring of Franklin Park Pa. claimed that Google Maps with fiture Street View has violated their privacy. Boring said the family pictures from their homes must be removed and all the way home they are given the label "Private Road".

City of Utrecht in the Netherlands: It is a place that has nothing to do with an ancient city which is used as a religious center for the Dutch nation.

Universities and Research Laboratories

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory: Lincoln Laboratory is a place used for research purposes and is central to the federal high-tech development that is used to solve the problem of American national security.

Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory: The research and development used to support the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, with various activities of research, design, develop, control and maintenance of nuclear power warships America.

Manhattanville College's Dammann and Tenney Dormitories: Manhattanville University is located in the New York area is obscured because it was close to the center of several large companies such as PepsiCo Inc., Texaco and MasterCard.

Stony Brook University: The university is obscured from Google maps because this building is the center of the Brorkhaven National Laboratory.

Saint Louis School in Honolulu: Only certain buildings that can be seen from this place, like a football field or the gym while the other can not be seen.
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Coffee Robot


Recently in Japan came a new product Coffee Robot That is, wow! .. This robot was created for you-you are a fan of coffee, this robot's name is a special set HINA.Hina to have the skills to change the coffee beans into powder form and then grind , add sugar and cream, menyeduhnya, presenting it to the front of the coffee drinkers ... XD

According to its creator, Mujaki, Hina is a modification of the development of the KHR-2HV, namely a set of robot kits robot artificial Kondo spare parts producers.


36 cm high with Hina seems small enough to be seen. Although small, but Hina equipped with sophisticated technology to carry out their duties. His body has two gyroscope, antenna, and acceleration sensors.

The following is a video of how this robot works:

View Video
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7 ways to find unclaimed money

Nowadays, we could all use a little bit of extra cash. However, many people have no idea that unclaimed money is waiting with their name on it. In state treasuries alone, 1 in 10 people are owed money from places like banks, former employers and unclaimed tax refunds. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you might be eligible for free dough.

1. Did Your Bank Recently Close?
Once a financial institution fails, the FDIC takes over and is responsible for paying insured deposits and the liquidation of remaining assets. If you did not claim your funds when the bank closed, you still can. “If your bank was never bought out by another bank, there is likely money out there for the bank account holder or power of attorney,” says Marcia Keppy, an unclaimed property expert and asset protection specialist. You can search for unclaimed funds in your name at

2. Did Your Credit Union Fail?
When a credit union with federal insurance is liquidated, the National Credit Union Administration’s Asset Management and Assistance Center is responsible for paying the share accounts to members. Due to uncashed checks or incomplete addresses, some of the money remains unclaimed. If you think the National Credit Union Administration may have funds in your name, contact its Asset Management and Assistance Center at 512-231-7900.

3. Do You Have an FHA-Insured Mortgage?
Then you might be eligible for a refund from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Find out if there’s a refund for you at

4. Are You a Former Employee of a Company That Went Out of Business?
If a company you worked for went belly-up, you may still be eligible for any pension earned while you were there. When a company goes out of business, the pension plan is generally transferred to the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). “The company should contact the former employees, but it just depends,” says Keppy. If the company doesn’t reach out to you, you can check the Missing Participants service at PBGC to see if any money is owed to you at

5. Did You Not Receive Your Tax Refund Earlier This Year?
If you have not received your tax refund, it could be due to an incorrect address. There could be other reasons as well. “If you recently got a divorce or a close family member passed away, the IRS could still have an unclaimed tax refund on file,” says Keppy. Visit to claim it.

6. Could You Possibly Have Unclaimed Property in Your State?
Over $32 billion in unclaimed property is currently being safeguarded by state treasurers and agencies. Unclaimed property refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies that have been inactive or had no contact with the owner for over a year. It includes savings or checking accounts, uncashed payroll checks, certificates of deposit, stocks and more. Every U.S. state has unclaimed property programs that help find the rightful owners. “If you’re over 40 or if you’ve moved often, you’re more likely to have unclaimed property,” says Keppy. Also, if your parents have passed away, be sure to check their names. Go to to do a free search for money that might be due to you.

7. Do You Qualify for Government Benefit and Assistance Programs?
If you’ve been affected by a disaster or disability, need help with child care or health care, or require tax or living assistance, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the government. Go to and search for specific benefits or take a questionnaire to find out which program(s) you may qualify for.

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Can Obama win over the gay community?

Strident conservative attacks on two of President Barack Obama’s gay nominees could temper the impatience gay and lesbian activists show as he speaks to a major gay civil rights group Saturday night — but the widespread restlessness still will be palpable.

Obama’s speech to the Human Rights Campaign dinner comes just days after a gay Education Department official, Kevin Jennings, and a lesbian nominee to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Chai Feldblum, were targets of a flurry of criticism from conservative groups and some media outlets.

“It certainly can’t hurt if people on our side realize the vehemence of the opposition the president faces,” a top gay Democrat close to Obama told POLITICO. “The stuff the right wing is cranking out is horrible, terrible. There are a lot of understandably impatient LGBT Americans…but while all their criticism is well-intended, some of it is politically na├»ve.”

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) also said gay activists lobbing criticism after criticism at Obama are ignoring real progress being made on Capitol Hill.

“These concerns are wildly unfounded and silly,” Frank told POLITICO. “As Obama speaks, Congress is about to send him the first piece of gay civil rights legislation in American history,” the congressman said, referring to a hate-crimes bill passed Thursday by the House.

Ever since taking office, Obama has come under fire from leading gay and lesbian activists who say he’s foot-dragging on their top priorities – repealing a ban on gays in the military, expanding same-sex marriage and prohibiting workplace discrimination.

Obama has pleaded for patience – saying he’s believes in expanding gay rights but has so much on his plate with the recession and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that he and Congress just need more time.

Now, the attacks on Jennings and Feldblum provide a potent reminder of the perils gays and lesbians still face in the political sphere.

Late last month, the Washington Times, Fox News and others alleged that while Jennings was teaching at a Massachusetts school in 1988 he encouraged statutory rape by advising a gay teenager in a relationship with an older man to use a condom. Initial accounts said the youth was 15, but it later emerged that he was 16, the age of consent in Massachusetts.

Jennings, head of the Education Department’s safe and drug-free schools programs, said he regretted the episode and should have reported the incident to authorities. However, conservative groups and Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) are still calling for his ouster.

The latest target of attack by conservatives is Feldblum, a Georgetown law professor Obama nominated to join the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“She has praised polygamy and contended that traditional marriage should not have privileged status. Apparently, this is just an oddball duck,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his program earlier this week.

“I know it’s difficult for a lot of you to understand that there are Americans who don't like this country as constituted,” Limbaugh said. “You think they’re fringe protesters that show up to protest this or that. No. They're running the country now.”

Richard Socarides, the White House liaison to the gay community under President Bill Clinton, said the attacks on Jennings and Feldblum are “pretty much coming from the fringe, but it’s a reminder these issues still have a lot of pop for people in various parts of the country.”

The attacks have a silver lining for Obama. They underscore one aspect of the president’s record gay activists are generally elated about — his nomination of about 100 openly gay and lesbian people to administration jobs.

And the leader of one major gay organization said the attacks on Jennings and Feldblum could shift some of the criticism away from Obama and toward Republicans in Congress – most of whom voted against the hate crimes bill Thursday.

“I think it does that really clearly,” said the advocate, who asked not to be named. Obama “could say, ‘There are people out there who don’t even want you in the room, don’t want you in positions of power. Don’t think as we get into these debates they aren’t going to come out of the woodwork and throw hellfire at us.’ ”

Gay rights leaders said they are satisfied with the administration’s defense of the embattled appointees so far but made clear they’re watching for any signs of wavering.

Jennings and Feldblum “are being targeted not just because they’re gay, but because they’re openly gay and involved in the LGBT civil rights movement,” said Kevin Cathcart of Lambda Legal. “In some quarters of our community, there are concerns about how the administration deals with this…Will they continue backing people up? Will they continue appointing people? How much heat are they going to take?”

And Socarides, Clinton’s liaison, said he didn’t think Obama would get any extra credit just for defending two members of his administration he should stick by anyway.

Some gays and lesbians are still hoping for a major announcement from Obama on Saturday—such as word of an executive order suspending discharges of gays and lesbians from the military. However, there were no indications from the White House that the president would make news.

“He looks forward to speaking directly with the LGBT community about the steps his administration has taken thus far and the progress he hopes to achieve in the coming weeks and months,” White House spokesman Shin Inouye said Friday.

Obama is expected to emphasize what activists deride as “incremental” steps he has taken for gay rights: making federal benefits for same-sex partners more widely available and moving to repeal a ban on immigration by people with HIV.

“They're nice small steps worthy of a President, and a civil rights community, living in the last century. They are unworthy gestures to a core Democratic constituency that was made specific, repeated promises in exchange for its votes, promises that are now being rewritten to ease the political pain of true leadership,” John Aravosis wrote Friday on Huffington Post.

But Frank argued some of the advocates are missing the point – that while they complain about Obama, serious work is getting done on Capitol Hill.

“We are on track to pass four pieces of major civil rights legislation,” Frank said, citing the hate crimes measure, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a rollback of the ban on gays in the military, and a measure to give health and life insurance benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees.

“If people in the gay community who are complaining about Barack Obama ... would instead call their senators, we might have the 60 votes we need to pass the bills,” Frank said.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs struck a similar tone Thursday, urging those seeking a repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy to direct their energies to Congress.

Even if Obama plans no substantive policy announcements Saturday, there are things he could say to energize the crowd. Some would like Obama to make a forceful statement against a measure Maine voters will take up in November to repeal a new state law authorizing same-sex marriage.

A spokeswoman for one major conservative group faulted Obama for speaking to the Human Rights Campaign, which she called “the most radical homosexual group in the country.”

“It’s almost as if President Obama seems to be acting as an arm of gay activists who are working to silence Christians,” said Candi Cushman of Focus on the Family.

She also denied that Jennings and Feldblum were being targeted because of their sexuality. “This is not about their private life. This is about the public policy they are pushing,” the spokeswoman said.

Frank said any gay person who needed to be reminded that the community faces strident opposition is simply out of it.

“I wouldn’t let them vote,” the congressman said, before adding, “I guess you have to let them vote because it’s in the Constitution, but I wish you didn’t.”

READ MORE - Can Obama win over the gay community?
READ MORE - Can Obama win over the gay community?